Palo Alto Networks Care and Feeding

Experts on Palo Alto Networks

We are big-picture security experts who specialize in the details of corporate security and Palo Alto Networks’ ecosystem of cybersecurity products. We are all former Palo Alto Networks Solution Architects and maintain a close connection with the engineering, product, and services teams. This puts us at the forefront of cybersecurity so we can keep a weather eye out for emerging threats to your business. Our combination of broad situational awareness and depth of knowledge about Palo Alto Networks keeps your risk profile low and your security ROI high.

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Consulting on Palo Alto Networks

If you were under attack right now, would you know? And, if you were, what would your first step be? By working with us, you will know what’s going on, and know what to do in any situation. Beyond being Palo Alto Networks experts, we are also senior advisors who will help you determine your unique needs, security goals, and capabilities to create the most effective system to meet your requirements and budgets.

With us you’ll get:

  • Assessment of your current infrastructure: Is it enough? Can we make it stronger? Will it scale?
  • A rapid adoption path for advanced next-gen features and equipment.
  • Analysis of your overall security posture and recommendations on how to reduce your risks.

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Configuration for Palo Alto Networks

One of the strongest features of Palo Alto Networks solutions is its ability to morph to your needs through granular configuration control. The challenge is that there are a lot of options and the best configuration for your unique situation may not be readily apparent. With us you’ll be sure that your equipment is configured to give you the strongest possible security. Tell us your goals and issues, and we’ll take it from there; you’ll get tight security, maximum return on your security investment, and the data to corroborate it all.

If you’re migrating from a legacy system, we have deep experience there, too. We make migration easy. Get more secure with Palo Alto Networks, and we’ll make the process of getting there easy.

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Evaluation of Palo Alto Networks Utilization

As we noted above, Palo Alto Networks solutions is highly configurable, which is one of its best features and can also present a challenge. You have problems to solve and goals to achieve. The right security configuration is critical to achieving that, but the details of system utilization is one of the last things you need to worry about.

We’ll evaluate your current use case and ensure that it will efficiently support your goals today, and be ready for the new ones tomorrow.

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Hardware From Palo Alto Networks

Yes, you can buy Palo Alto Networks gear from us. However, it’s not our focus. We supply hardware because it’s a great adjunct to getting our clients as secure as they need to be. We (almost) never just sell hardware, but supply it as part of a well-planned-out solution to address your unique security needs and allow you to grow and evolve for years to come. We’re already planning for our clients’ adoption of new technologies like App-ID and SSL decryption.

You focus on your business; we’ll make sure you’re doing it securely. Talk to us and see for yourself.

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