Who We Are

We are your whitehats: a team of cyber security experts with a passion for technology and solving complex problems. We can ensure you meet and exceed your technology and security goals and, most importantly, stay protected. The security landscape is forever changing and we keep you up-to-date on the latest trends, and ready to react quickly and accurately to new threats. Our service-first mentality keeps you and your security at the top of our priority list.



Calvin Co-Founder & CEO

Calvin brings nearly 2 decades of experience in the networking and cyber security domain working with such pioneering companies of their time like Nortel, Juniper Networks, and Palo Alto Networks. He’s an entrepreneur with a passion for building scalable organizations while leading with a services-first mentality. Calvin has a reputation as the go-to person to ask about tequila as he’s become quite the Anejo connoisseur.


David Co-Founder & Principal Architect

David’s background is in network engineering and he joined Palo Alto Networks in 2011. A member of the original Palo Alto Networks TAC team and the original professional services team, his technical knowledge of the product combined with his networking skills are unmatched. He has designed and deployed scores of secure and stable security solutions for dozens of strategic enterprise customers all over the world. In addition to being a network security guru, he’s also a master at finding all the dark memes on the interwebz!


Tina Director of Operations & Sales

Tina oversees the day-to-day business operations of Accelerated Networks. She brings 20 years of operational experience in fast-paced, high-pressure environments. Tina has identified, led, and developed continuous improvement initiatives for increasing organizational efficiency. She has a background in business administration and an MBA in organizational change and development. Tina is also known to search Yelp for “best outdoor patio” on sunny days!


Saba Senior Solutions Architect

Saba with her electrical engineering background brings over 15 years of networking and technical experience having worked at Cisco Systems, Palo Alto Networks as part of the original TAC team, and with business development at an ISP overseas. While at Palo Alto Networks, as a professional service engineer she has worked with companies such as Visa Apple and VMWare. She was once also the co founder of a systems integration company that served as Salesforce partners. Saba’s main passion is music and though she doesn’t play much herself any more, she wishes she could spend more time following her favorite bands across the globe, something she chalks down to a youth well spent!

Why Us

  • Cyber security is our singular focus and specialty.
  • Never wonder about what’s happening on your network ever again.
  • Our clients are able to rapidly adopt new technologies and get the most from every bit of security infrastructure.
  • We protect your brand and value by detecting and minimizing the impact of cyber attacks.
  • We work non-stop to keep your business secure and operating without disruption.
  • New expectations and threats appear everyday; therefore, you need a partner who understands the changing role of security and is up on the latest risks.
  • Our clients navigate the security landscape with surety.
  • We simplify security complexity to drive ROI.
  • We are an extension to our clients’ security teams, providing deep expertise and knowledge of your unique needs.

Markets Served


Enterprise-level security has gotten drastically more complex in just the past few years. Our clients have often purchased hundreds of thousands of dollars on sophisticated hardware, yet nothing seems different. How do you show a positive ROI from something not happening? How do you prove that’s it’s all working to the rest of the exec team? Let’s talk.


Now we know that mid-market companies are at higher risk than their larger cousins, because they often lack the resources needed to maintain a strong security posture. Your business isn’t security; luckily it doesn’t need to be. Enterprise-level security is available through our virtual SOC (Security Operations Center). You do your business, we’ll handle the security.

Enterprise Mid-Market

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